Introspeksi: Blog War Indonesia VS Malaysia (bagian 2)

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Gak usah gusar ama orang yg menamakan dirinya I Hate Indon, pun gak perlu bales ngata2in pake seluruh isi kebun binatang dll deh. Justru I hate Indon banyak memberikan kritikan yg membangun dan membakar-weits bukan membakar emosi lho yah-sekali lagi membakar jiwa nasionalisme kita untuk lebih aware sama negara tercinta yg makin hari makin terpuruk aja.

Dibawah ada postingan dari I Hate Indon yg kalo dipikir2 banyak benernya ketimbang mlesetnya. Dibaca satu-satu dengan hati-hati…

Ten Things I Hate About Indonesia

New Year is approaching. Let us take a quick recap on our environment: what is good and what is bad; and hope that things will change only for the better after the holidays. Therefore I present you with the ten things I hate and love about Indonesia and Hungary. I will start from “Ten Things I Hate About Indonesia” first…
1. Corruption
How can you not hate it when the former president is still holding the world’s record for being the biggest corruptor ever with US$ 35 billion? The worst is that he’s still out there—free to watch his favorite show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” and suddenly has to be treated in hospital every time he hears attempt of bringing his case to the court. However his half brother will be spending the next four years in jail for another corruption case; while his youngest son, Tommy Suharto, was put behind the bars in 2000 for murdering a judge. What a big happy family!
2. Poverty
What can you expect after your president had stolen US$ 35 billion? What else but poverty:
More than half of Indonesia’s 210 million people are vulnerable to poverty. In 2002, the World Bank estimated 53% of the population – some 111 million – live below the international standard poverty line of US$ 2 a day.
Poverty is not just a matter of inadequate incomes and expenditures on food and daily necessities. Many of the poor and near poor also lack access to basic education, medical services and adequate nutrition. Some 25 million Indonesians are illiterate. Nearly 50 million suffer health problems, a similar number lack access to health facilities. Many communities have inadequate or non-existent basic infrastructure like safe water, adequate sanitation, transport, roads and electricity.
3. Natural disaster
And that was not enough. The country has been plagued with the tsunami last year and the earthquakes which sometimes still happens nowadays. They are so common that media no longer pay any attention to them. Nevertheless the effects are still there. Flood, volcanic eruption, and landslide remain constant threats.
4. Diseases
SARS, malnutrition, bird flu, dengue fever, anthrax, …I have lost counts.
5. Social gap
It happens anywhere else, so why should it be special, I hear you ask. Whenever I watch Travel Channel’s report on Thailand, for example, most likely it would show the beauty of Bangkok city, the clubs, the leisure. Or in India, you would only see the beautiful women, the exotic dancers, or delicious chicken curry. But in Indonesia you would see poor fishermen hunting whale in order to live—not to earn money, mind you, but simply to live. You would see primitive tribes cook their meal in a poor fireplace inside their huts. And I kept asking myself why didn’t they simply show Tamara Blezynski who earns US$ 4,000 for each episode on her soap opera? Because there are more of these people, that is why. Poverty has been a problem since the beginning of civilization. Yet it is sad to see that nowadays some are still living in that age while their countrymen can afford a life that they could never imagine.

6. School
Schools are never for free in Indonesia; especially now with the capitalization era coming. I heard now there is a special regulation which allows state-owned universities to receive students without any tests—the students with high grades in senior high, mind you. However they have to pay between US$ 500 to 7,500; not a small amount in Indonesia. I wonder whose money they would use. Only as a comparison, I learned in a state-owned university in Surabaya, had to compete with thousands of competitors in the entrance test; and paid only around US$ 30 in the end after passing the examinations.
7. Resource monopoly
Although the amount is decreasing, monopoly still exists. There is only a company which can provide you with fixed phone, for an instance. I have no problem with it; had it been able to reach everyone. But it hasn’t. My parents built a house in 2000, in an area where most people have had their telephone. As soon as the house was ready, they registered themselves for a fixed phone. And even now they haven’t gotten it for the same reason: there are not enough people in that area who request it. As the consequence, they have no internet. That sucks! They have the money, and they want to spend it on the damn fixed phone to chat with their daughter who is living abroad—but they can’t.
Electricity is even worse. There is only one company in the whole country; so everyone must buy the electricity from it. Yet it has been operating at a loss.
8. City bus
City bus is definitely a nightmare. In Surabaya, there are 111 buses which have been operating for 11-15 years; 170 buses for 16-20 years; and 112 buses for more than 20 years. To give you more views, it is not forbidden to smoke inside; there is no air conditioner; and there is no clear limit on how many passengers can be. At times you have to stand with somebody else’s arm pit only a few cm away from your precious nose; meanwhile you should give way to the street singers who get on and off the bus to earn a living.
9. Low self esteem
Indonesians are mostly fed up with the frequent stagnation of their life that they think everything comes from abroad must be better: grass is always greener on the other side, true enough. But in Indonesia, it has come to the point where people start to lose their identity. For example, a friend of mine worked as a teacher in an international school among with expatriates from Europe. They all had the same occupation: teacher. While she received US$ 180 despite, her European colleagues got at least US$ 2,000—and nobody would ever say anything about it. Because they are European—expatriates; they deserve more! She did quit after some time; yet many would be more than willing to replace her for that amount.
There are many superficial matters, such as the women who are willing to spend extra cash (and risk some cancer also) to get whiter skin in order to look like the Indonesian beauties; the likes of Tamara Blezynski or Sophia Latjuba. But many more are misleading. People with low education believe that living abroad—no matter how bad—is still better than staying in the country. Thousands of them—mainly women risk to work abroad; as maids. Some receive their money—I read that in Singapore they are paid around US$ 200, that is huge compared to their wage in Indonesia. But it is not rare also that they went home, broke and distressed after having to deal with bureucracy and trafficking and physical harassment and heaven knows what else.
10. Law for mixed marriage
Despite all the grim facts about the fair country, Zsolt and I would still like to move there. Yet an Indonesian wife cannot sponsor her foreign husband to get a resident visa there: only the company which would hire him could. Afterwards, the resident visa is only valid for a year and it must be renewed in the origin country. Each month, a foreigner must pay US$100 tax.
That was not all. Children cannot have Indonesian citizenship until they reach 18, with the father’s permission. Therefore they would be treated as tourist in their mother’s land along with the taxation system which is way too expensive for native Indonesian. A rumor said that there may be new rule that a foreign man must pay US$ 50,000 in order to be able to marry an Indonesian woman. That sucks!
Dec 26, 2004  – Nearly 132,000 Indonesians are killed and more than 37,000 listed as missing after a 9.15 magnitude earthquake off Indonesia and a tsunami triggered by it in the Indian ocean region. The toll in affected Indian Ocean countries reaches 230,000 dead.
Feb 21, 2005 – At least 96 are killed in landslide that sweeps through two West Java villages near a garbage dump.
March 28, 2005 – Nearly 1,000 are believed killed after a quake of magnitude 8.7 hits the coast of Sumatra.
July 20, 2005 – Indonesia confirms first deaths from bird flu. To date the disease has killed 63 people in Indonesia, the world’s highest bird flu death toll.
Sept 1, 2005 – Landslide on island of Sumatra kills 14 and leaves more than a dozen missing.
Sept 5, 2005 – Domestic airliner operated by local carrier Mandala Airlines crashes in residential area of Indonesia’s third biggest city Medan, killing 102 aboard and 47 local residents in an inferno on the ground.
May 15, 2006 – Mount Merapi volcano erupts with clouds of hot gas and rains ash on surrounding areas.
May 27, 2006 – Earthquake rocks area around ancient royal city of Yogyakarta killing at least 5,000 and destroying or damaging 150,000 homes.
July 17, 2006 – A tsunami after a 7.7 magnitude quake in West Java province kills at least 550 people. At least 54,000 people are displaced.
Dec 30, 2006 – A ferry with at least 600 aboard sinks during a stormy night voyage as it traveled between Borneo and Java.
Jan 1, 2007 – An Adam Air passenger plane flying from Surabaya to Manado with 102 people aboard crashes into the sea off the west coast of Sulawesi.
Feb 22, 2007 – At least 42 people are killed when fire breaks out aboard a ferry which was heading from Jakarta to Bangka Island off Sumatra.
March 6, 2007 – Two strong earthquakes kill at least 31 people and injure dozens in the West Sumatra provincial capital of Padang.
March 7, 2007 – Domestic Airliner operated by Garuda Indonesia crashes in Yogyakarta, killing many of its passengers.

Indon… indon… kenapa citra mu jelek amat…
Posted by I Hate Indon

Waduh, pinternya … Aku mesti beberapa kali buka kamus di web dictionarynya UGM. Tapi, kalopun dia emg orang malaysia seperti yg banyak orang pikir, berarti hebat …dia update terus perkembangan Indonesia! Sebagian bahkan aku baru tahu. Kalo dia sebegitu addictnya ama Indonesia kenapa dia pake nama I Hate Indon ya?

Tapi biar gimana juga salut deh. Makasih udah kasih kritik membangun yg spesial.

Buat sobat2 blogger seMana2, siapapun I Hate Indon kayaknya kita gak perlu membenci sampai seperti itu deh.  Menurutku akan lebih arif kalu kita jadiin wacana dan introspeksi. Terutama buat pemerintahan kita yang semakin amburadul. Jadi sedih kalo inget kita yang sesama Indonesia aja masih suka adu jotos baik di jalanan, di tempat kerja atau bahkan di ruang sidang.

Mari jo beking torang pe negara lebe bae, jangan lupa …

Torang Samua Basudara  ^_*


30 thoughts on “Introspeksi: Blog War Indonesia VS Malaysia (bagian 2)

  1. sudah2 la2 indon…n oso malaysian aq ni owang malaysia..korg x malu ke gduh pasal beda kecil? da dari satu rumpun….

  2. Kalo qt memang udh unggul ngapain d permasalahin. tenang aja sodara2 q smua Indonesia skarang maju ko’ & tidak dpandang sbelah mata d kancah internasional. indonesia is the best macan Asia ….
    Dari sejarah saja memang sudah sukses ketimbang malaysia…. dasar negara boneka buatan britania!!!!!!, dkira mreka sudah unggul dengan produknya mobil proton yang dikritik eropa….

  3. MALAYSIA tu bajingan, jembut, bangsat, kentu, asu, celek

  4. memang betul “I HATE MALAYSIA”
    single apa malingsial fedoomsegh(malaysia persetan) hahahaha!!!!

  5. DASAR malinngsia gak tau terima kasih,,dulu gak bisa apa2, merunduk2 minta dikirim guru,,gimana cara bertani,,gimana cara berpakaian dari indonesia,,,ee..e..e…kok skrg sudah merasa bisa berdiri,bisa cari sekutu,,,mau semena mena!!!!dasar malingsia gak pny sopan santun,gak pny budaya!!!punya budaya cm 1,,yaitu MALING..!KAMI GAK TAKUT PESAWAT TEMPURMU,KAMI GAK TAKUT SEKUTUMU!!!!KAMI SIAP PERANG MELAWAN KALIAN…,,CAMKAN ITU MALING SIAL!!!!

  6. nice advice Domba…
    ramai org indon kalau ajak berbincang terus dimaki2…
    namun ko adalah salah seorang yang cool dan aku harap lebih ramai lagi rakyat indonesia yang lebih budiman n sopan percakapanya…

    kepada masyrakat indonesia, kebanyakan orang malaysia x faham kenapa diajak berperang??

    adakah hanya disebabkan kain batik, tarian dll benda yang simple terus diajak berperang?
    dari berepang baik jalinkan hubungan dua hala yang lebih menguntungkan seperti (china,korea, jepun).

  7. Well accept that fact…it’s sad but true.

    Maksud dia baik buat refleksi Indo…kalo ngga why would he even bother. Lagipula dia ga gunain kata2 kasar sedikit pun, dan argumen2 dia itu semuanya masuk akal dan sebagian besar benar, mao gimana pun kalian berusaha menolak, tapi itulah yang terjadi di negara kita saat ini.

    Dan kalau kita ngebales dengan kata-kata kasar, apa bedanya kita dengan orang primitive yang terbelakang seperti apa yang dia sebut?

    Perang lawan Malaysia? hahaha…yakin nih bos? Coba terkadang pikir pake otak, jangan cuman bisa pake otot. Terus terang (no offense nih), tapi gua malu banget sebagai orang Indo ngeliat orang-orang yang post pake bahasa2 kasar ke Malaysia diatas.

    Bener2 terkesan kampungan dan seolah-olah kita ini kaum barbarian. Orang argue pake intelektual, dan kita cuma bisa balesnya pake maki-makian orang yang ga berpendidikan. Apa kalian ga malu?

    Lagian kalian tau dari mana kalo “I Hate Indon” itu orang Malaysia? Jangan sembarangan nge-judge bos…kapan negara kita mao maju kalo demokrasi masih dijalanin pake cara gerilya and bambu runcing?

    Coba pikir dengan akal sehat. Peace.

  8. kalau indon tak suka malaysia.. jangan datang kerja sini. semak la. datang sini buat maksiat. bunuh orangla, merompakla, merogol. bangsa apa ni. korang datang sini merempat then malaysia bangi makan korang buat sial kat malaysia. malaysia tak matila tak ada indonesia. indonesia bukan berbakti apa pun kat malaysia. menyemak lagi ada la kat sini. busukla indon no

  9. I agree w/ budak busuk..
    Why w don’t help 1 another in this moment!
    Don’t get anger easly lah!
    Just think positive..
    Don’t hear any voice that want 2 provocating us!
    Just c how happy n better our relationship(malaysia n indonesia) b4..
    The government have a good relation between our country,why d citizen want 2 have a war…
    Dun b silly lah!

  10. sudahlah ribut…knapa mau ributan terus..indonesia lagi dilanda gempa bumi di padang,siapa yg dtg membantu? MALAYSIA bukan,saudara terdekat kita…mari doakan agar mereka smua selamat..aminnn

  11. Sebagai mantan intelijen saya ingin berbagi kepada kita bangsa indonesia…
    1. jangan mudah terprovokasi
    2. jangan gegabah mengambil kesimpulan
    3. jangan menggunakan kalimat2 dan/atau panggilan yang mengandung konotasi terhadap bangsa lain
    4. perbandingan militer kita dengan malaysia adalah 10 : 4 dalam personel artinya kita lebih unggul dalam komponen unit tapi kita kalah dalam modernisasi persenjataan. kita akui malaysia dengan budget bantuan dari inggris terhadap bekas wilayah jajahan yang bukan direnggut dengan proklamasi melainkan sebagai hadiah inggris kepada malaysia jelas mereka mendapatkan bantuan yang lumayan dalam militer sebab inggris juga mempunyai kepentingan di wilayah indonesia…dan hampir 180 negara di dunia mengakui kedaulatan indonesia dan malaysia namun 200 negara mengakui bahwa indonesia adalah bangsa dan negara yang telah berdiri sendiri….walaupun kalah dalam modernisasi persenjataan..kita sudah mampu memproduksi alat2 militer sendiri dan faktanya terdapat lebih 2365 pucuk senapan SS1 di gunakan oleh militer malaysia dengan label limited edition artinya edisi terbatas dengan spesifikasi yang berbeda dan suku cadang yang harus di beli di indonesia atau dengan kata lain khusus untuk malaysia, senapan2 tersebut di buat untuk sekali pakai.
    5. terimalah kenyataan pahit ini wahai saudara sebangsa dan setanah air, banyak beban dan derita yang di alami bangsa ini namu kita harus bangga bahwa cobaan ini tidak mengubah semangat saudara2 sebangsa untuk tidak mensyukuri apa yang telah tuhan limpahkan kepada negara ini. bukan hanya indonesia, negara mana di dunia yang bisa bersembunyi dari musibah?……..negara sekelas amerika pun masih dapat di timpa musibah…jadi tersenyumlah….malaysia pun masih bisa terkena musibah bila tuhan memang berkehendak untuk menetapkan waktunya.
    6. Setali tiga uang…ungkapan yang paling pas untuk menggambarkan hubungan dan komunikasi yang di lakukan oleh ke dua bangsa sekarang ini….kenapa saya katakan demikian? banyak fakta-fakta yang tidak dapat saya munculkan ke permukaan sebab hanya para pelaku intelijen yang boleh menyaringnya dan salah satunya adalah teori dan/atau paradigma tentang fenomena NOORDIN MOHAMMAD TOP….semoga infoini dapat di copy dan di sebarkan….banyaknya pemboman2 di indonesia selalu di kaitkan dengan satu momok yang fenomal…Noordin Mohammad Top..benar memang beliau pernah ” tugas ” di Afghanistan sewaktu perang dengan uni sovyet dahulu…benar memang bahwa beliau adalah Link/jaringan dari Al Qaeda namu yang tidak di ketahui selama ini adalah beliau ” bekerja ” dan di ” pelihara ” oleh 3 badan intelijen..,gunakan logika dan rasio….ada alasan saya tidak menyebutkan lembaga intelijen mana tempat beliau di tampung…namun dari cara bekerjanya lebih tepat di katakan operasi bersandi, dari cara perekrutan,pembinaan, indoktrinasi, dan propaganda jelas hanya orang-orang intelijen yang mampu melaksanakan tugas tersebut………..cara2 yang lazim di lakukan oleh para pejuang2 palestina dalam mempertahankan tanah airnya dan di praktekkan serta di sempurnakan oleh badan intelijen israel MOSSAD….ya Noordin Mohammad Top bisa dikatakan afiliator dari Mossad. Tujuan dalam misi ini adalah jelas…dalam setiap aksi selalu menghapus jejak dan meninggalkan saksi bisu agar operasi-operasi yang di jalankan mengandung makna yang harus di interpresentasikan masing2 hingga ada titik akhir yang menentukan siapa yang benar siapa yang membayar. Intinya Noordin Mohammad Top adalah agen rahasia, intelligence spy, an mercenaries.

  12. Sampai bila korang nak terus berprovokasi camni ek? Sibuk dengan perang. Korang dah cukup bersedia ke nak menggadaikan nyawa? Pada aku, aku lebih suka akan kedamaian. Perang bukan cara untuk selesaikan masalah. Caci maki hina, tu semua bukan cara kita. Masing masing sayangkan negara sendiri. Kenapa tidak berdamai sahaja. Apa yg perlu buat sekarang ialah bagaimana nak teruskan hidup pada zaman kejatuhan ekonomi ini. Bukannya mengapi apikan provokasi kenegaraan. Tunjukkan sedikit kematangan masing masing. Bukan susah untuk berdamai. Just my 2 cent. Peace…

  13. i love malaysia but i love indonesia…………..i’m very confuse,,,,,
    hahahah…………kiding,i luph indonesia full,hahaha……
    i to kill u malingsialan……….
    indonesia 4’ever with you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kami tidak takut,kami tidak takut,kami tidak takut………………….

  14. nantang kh coy???klo sda kam berani??sni am,,,ke kalimantan,biar q beri mandau terbang…….,,biar putus kepala sida kam t..,,,jgn jdi maling,wek malaysia,,,n’ jgn berani nusuk dri belakang ma lah???

  15. Bener2 gak tw terimakasih tUh malingsia……Bawaannya sirik sama Indonesia. Isi negara malaysia tuh cuma para manusia yang hobi nyiksa TKI n orang2 gak tw diri karna selalu klaim kebudayaan bangsa lain + sibuk ngincer ambalat…Ayo bersatu kita BOM aja tuh malaysia…

  16. Jgn pernah skali-kali ngejelek-jelekin indonesia…!!
    Urusin tuh negara lo sendiri (malaysia)..!
    Jgn maling-maling kebudayaan indonesia …!!
    Negara lo sendiri (mlaysia) aj belum bener..!
    Ud meng-kritik negara gue (indonesia)..!
    Nyadar diri dong MALAY….!!!
    Ngaca dulu. Negara lo sendiri gimana…?!, baru meng-kritik negara orang…!!
    Miskin bgt negara lo..! Sampe ngerebut kebudayaan indonesia…
    Belum pernah liat warga indonesia MURKA ya…?!?!!

  17. lancau ar ! bajet bagos nk msti ! da lar miskin . puki mak tol .
    sedar je lar yang korunk tu taley bla . miskin . tader keje nk menyemak kat malaysia . miskin haram ar . presiden pown babi . lsncau tol . miskin . pemintak sedekah . haram . maksiat berlambak ! tu yang kne tsunami . x reti nk jage negare sendiri . slmaklumlah . negara miskin .

  18. Udah deh,,
    urus aja urusan rumah tanggamu sendiri n jgn membeberkan aib bangsa lain meskipun kita tau keadaannya seperti itu,,
    malaysia kamu jangan sok sempurna!
    Emangnya di negerimu bersih n bebas masalah???
    i love indonesia.

  19. Malaysia emang malingsia…
    …bangke’ …… babi ngepet, ……..gigi boneng, ……..otak ngeres…….muka mesum, ….bau ketek,

  20. setelah baca tulisan di atas;
    kalo masih ngomentari / ngata2in orang yg bikin tulisan itu (baca:i hate indon) berarti emang kita pantes dibilang kyk gitu.!!
    so mulai introspeksi diri n mlakukan perubahan dri diri sndiri..


  22. aku arek malang. klo malaysia ngomong itu artinya mereka MEMANG ANJING!!!!!!!! BANGSAT!!!!!!!!!MALAYSIA GAMPANG (artinya malaysia brengsek)!!!!!!!!!!

  23. sebagai warga indonesia yg besar hati saya terima smua yg d katakan ma ”I Hate indon”…Btw care bgt ma indonesia ampe tau seluk beluk’y segala, tpi ingat sbgi warga yg cìnta indonesia, meskipun seburuk apapun negara qu Malaysia jangan semena2 ngambil sesuatu yg udh jdi milik indonesia
    OK! Saya perihatin Nih klo keadaan’y ky gini…sekali lagi thanks bwt kritikan’y mudah2an bisa membngun bangsaku ke arah yg lebih baik! AMIEN…
    by Anak yg cinta damai!

  24. Sep…. Gue setuju Buanget… yg d tulis ihateindon harusnya jadi refleksi diri buat qt2… ^^

  25. helga udah tau lama ama situs i hate indon ini. kenapa ada aja orang tidak bertanggung jawab menjelek2an Indonesia seperti itu. kalo memang malaysia berani banget mereka. ngajak perang tuh?

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